Treasure Keys

Keys For Christian Sons And Daughters

Noah's Ark



Activity Sheets

Dot-to-Dot-The Rainbow of Promise

Crossword-The Flood
Genesis 6 - 8 NIV

The Rainbow Covenant
Genesis 9:12-16 NIV
Complete the verses by
finding the missing letters.

Memory Verse-I
rainbow in the clouds..Genesis 9:13
Print, color, and put the verse in
the correct order. (color version also available)

Wordsearch-The Amazing, Stupendous Flood

Wordsearch-Noah's Ark


Noah Builds The Ark (easy)
Print the templates and put together

Obedience Ark
Print out the template and have children add obedience planks.

Noah's Ark Perler Patterns

Raven Paper Bag Puppet
Print the templates craft.

Raven Handprint Craft
Print the templates craft.

Dove Crafts
Print the templates craft.

The Dove and the Olive Branch
Print the dove and olive brach
pattern then tape to a straw.


Noah Says
Version of Simon Says

Noah's Ark Animal Parade
Print and play a game. 2 versions
reader and pre-reader.

Noah's Ark Board Game
Print the game board, cards, and
playing pieces from BillyBear4Kids.

Noah's Ark Game
Print and create a game.




Drag & Drop Noah's Ark Game

Drag & Drop Noah's Ark Game 2

Color Pages

On Noah's Ark Coloring Mural
by Jan Brett
Color, cut out the images and paste to a large sheet of paper to create a Noah's Ark Mural.

On Noah's Ark
Jan Brett presents the biblical story from the perspective of Noah's granddaughter.

God Keeps Us Safe
(young learners)
Noah's Ark
(young learners)
God Keeps Me Safe
(young learners)

Noah Listened

Building The Ark

Noah's Ark

Noah's Big Ark

Noah and the Ark
Color pages with and without the story.

The Ark Two By Two
Noah's Ark

Animals Two By Two

The Flood (obedience)


Ark and Dove

Noah and Dove

The Flood Ends
Noah, Animals, Rainbow

ABC's of the flood coloring book
The Aardvark in the Ark coloring book


Tasty Recipes From Tasty Bible Stories
Recipes for Grape Fruit Salad and Three-Bean Olive Salad.

Noah's Alphabet
Written in rhyming style it introduces children to Noah's story and an alphabet of animals.

Rainbow Desktop Wallpaper

Free Desktop Wallpaper Gen 9:13 Rainbow


Young Learners
Noah Obeys God
Noah's Big Job
The Great Flood

Noah's Ark Story Sequencing Cards

God's Promise
Lesson and mobile craft to help children remember that God keeps His promises.

Noah And The Ark (pdf)
Lesson and activity ideas.

Noah's Ark Sequencing Cards

Grade School

Noah's Ark & The Flood
Lesson plan, video, quiz,
color page, wordsearch,
and more.

Real Rainbows, Real Promises
A science lesson to teach about God's promises.

Mini House: Noah's Ark (Mini House Book)
Noah's Ark is a ship-shape counting book set on big wide
boat spilling over with animals.



The Story of Noah's Ark mini book
Print and assemble to create a mini book.

Vacation Bible School - Noah's Ark
Type in your name and create a story about you at VBS and the story of Noah's Ark(download).